Trident LaundryTrident Laundry


  • Located in Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai.
  • Houses an 8,000-square-foot plant with the latest in laundry and dry cleaning technology.
  • The steam-operated unit, equipped with sophisticated laundry equipment to provide all types of laundry and dry-cleaning services.
  • Can process up to 8 tons of laundry per day.
  • Uses high quality Bio cleaning products for our cleaning process, manufactured in Scotland and supplied by Messrs. Arpal Gulf.
  • Pays particular attention to the details throughout the entire washing, dry cleaning & pressing process.
  • Superior quality service and product has been our mainstay in business and will continue to be the way we measure ourselves as we grow.

Reliable Service

  • Quality Assurance
    • At Trident Laundry our quality assurance is simple. No textile will be delivered by Trident Laundry that does not meet our mutuality-agreed-to-standards
  • Customer Care
    • We have exceptional customer service skills, customer care plans and proven consistent attitude towards customer focus; including responsiveness and problem resolving through a 24/7 help line.
  • Environmental Stewardship and Recycling
    • Our soiled linen sorting staff recovers a substantial amount of refuse and recyclables daily. Items of value are returned to the source; while items such as disposable plastics are recycled.
  • Redundant Steam and Air
    • Trident Laundry operates with 200% capacity steam boilers and air compressor systems. We have two boilers for emergency purposes. We alternate operation of this equipment so that one system is always offline and ready for backup use.
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Happy Clients



Our Team



Gladly running the operations of Trident and taking care of your linen and your skin !



I’m proud of keeping the business smooth and fast by taking an exceptional care of all technical issues of Trident’s machines and equipment



It’s a pleasure to make our commitment at Trident a reality, through proper administration and effective work flow.


The Team

Together, each accomplishes more


  • Free pick-up and delivery as per agreed schedule.
  • Laundry processed within 24 hours.
  • Services can be provided on shorter notice when required.
  • No extra charges for processing laundry on week-ends and public holidays.
  • All work done on our premises.
  • Quality hangers, covers and wrappings are provided.
  • Extended linen life due to the professional and good quality chemicals used in our laundering process.
  • Excellent quality control and customer care.
  • Separate vehicles are used for the pick-up and delivery of soiled and cleaned linen respectively.


Al Quoz Industrial Area
Dubai UAE, PO Box 26133

Tel04 347 4949
Mobile052 920 3833
Fax04 347 4849